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Melipona Bee Sanctuary + Cenote Adventure


In this one of a kind experience we visit the protected environmental unit of Nojoch Keej, this regenerative project was created by mayans from the community of Nuevo Durango, in order to ensure the preservation of plenty endemic species, including the Melipona bee.

Inside Nojoch Keej we get to interact with different rescued animals in a respectful and conscious way, we also receive valuable information about the endemic species that live there and we even get to see the Melipona bees creating honey.

A delicious meal with hand made tortillas, fresh ingredients and the best Mexican traditional flavor is cooked for us, right after having meal, we go for a walk to the mayan jungle in order to get to the amazing Cenote Esmeralda. Duration: 6 hours. Maximum capacity per tour: 10 people