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A) Beach front Mind/Body Vinyasa flow with Eli: Deeping the connection between our mind and body while we listen to the voice of Mother Nature. 90 minutes long.

B) Beach front Hatha Free Flow with Aranza: Release and restore through breath and body movement. Flow with this hatha – vinyasa inspired yoga practice. 90 minutes long.

C)Beach front Alignment Flow with Yana: Align with what moves you, on and off the mat.” In the Aligned Flow Method, there is an intuitive blend of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga. You will be guided through this practice in a mindful way, scanning the body and developing the ability to connect to the postures on an individual level. 90 minutes long.

D) Beach front Creative Vinyasa with Rebecca: gather on your mat for a harmonious flow that will move energy to your heart. Flow 90 minutes long.