Forbes – Y ahora… para ti: ¿Qué significa el Lujo Descalzo?

I came to Tulum years ago after leaving behind a comfortable life on Wall Street. Arriving here and experiencing the sheer luxury of my feet on the sand was like a revelation of what was possible.

This kind of luxury opened my head to what was really important. I began to appreciate nature in a way that I had never done before and this invited me to take care of myself.

How does one go about inspiring others?

The first thing we need is to inspire ourselves. I like to think that whatever message I share with others is nothing more or less than the message I need to hear myself. I think that if this message helps and inspires me, maybe there are others who are going through the same insecurities and asking the same questions that I am. It also helps me remember to drop the result. Whether people listen to and learn from my message should not have an impact on what I say or do. As long as I know that what I say comes from my heart and helps me grow, then I can be happy. “LEAD BY EXAMPLE”.

As a yoga and meditation instructor, my focus is the deep connection with Gaia, Mother Earth, and with the guided path of mind, body and universal connection. At the base of my practice lies the teaching about love for oneself, and I always try to give my students tools that help them establish better and more solid relationships with themselves, with others and with the environment.

Originally from New York – early in my career, I held jobs on Wall Street, but despite being successful and involved in many community issues and social programs, I felt a strong connection to the notion that I needed to achieve purpose even deeper.

Over time, I was inspired to seek a path that would awaken my purpose, meaning, and fulfillment. This calling took me to Bali and India, where I learned about the power of truth, stillness, and detachment through yoga and meditation.

From then on, my path took me to Tulum, where I have been at the Ahau Collection for 7 years, where I have created and implemented a diverse wellness program to nourish the mind, body and spirit.

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Y ahora… para ti: ¿Qué significa el Lujo Descalzo?