Mexico “the belly bottom of the Moon”

Mexico is a country with a colorful, warm, and vibrant culture, offering dreamlike landscapes and precious ancestral wisdom. It’s the perfect location to embrace serenity, reconnect with your creativity, and find your truest self.

Stunning Natural Backdrops

Many yoga and wellness retreats in Mexico are set against breathtaking natural backdrops. From pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, like Tulum’s beaches, to lush jungles teeming with life in Chiapas, these natural settings are integral to the retreat experience. They provide a tranquil environment conducive to relaxation, inspiration, reflection and introspection.

Spending time in Nature has been found to help with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. It can also benefit your physical wellbeing, just by breathing fresh air your body can start healing itself effectively (pathogens do not thrive in highly oxigenated bodies).

Ancestral Practices

At the heart of every retreat in Mexico are ancestral practices such as Temazcal (an ancestral sweat lodge with volcanic rocks and therapeutic herbs), Cacao ceremonies, Corn ceremonies, Sound baths with ancestral instruments, Meditation and Yoga. These practices help you:

  • Harmonize body, mind, and soul
  • Find stillness
  • Tap into ancestral wisdom
  • Recreate yourself
  • Dissolve old habits and patterns
  • Foster personal growth

It’s important to say that all of these practices were inherited from highly advanced civilizations that had extensive knowledge in the fields of: Astronomy, Mathematics, Anatomy of the human body, Herbalism and Spirituality, among others.

Wholesome Nutrition

A cornerstone of Wellness is nutrition, and retreats in Mexico excel in offering wholesome, nourishing meals. Retreat menus often feature locally sourced ingredients bursting with flavor and nutrients. Expect to savor unique recipes prepared with fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, roots, spices, and seafood.

Mexico is well known for having an incredible culinary diversity, this diversity is due to the fact that Mexico has all types of natural ecosystems (except from Tundra). Mexican couisine is considered to be one of the best couisines in the whole world because of the complexity of it’s recipes.


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